Don’t Fail Your Employees this Christmas

As the pages on the calendar thin out, and time runs out on 2017, the roll of the payroll department comes sharply into focus.  Year-end accounting tasks must be completed, bookkeepers gather last minutes files and records to be sure expenditures are accounted for.  But the payroll manager may have the jolliest task of all.  They may feel like they are acting out the part of Santa Clause, because handing out year-end bonuses is one of the most pleasant tasks of the year.  Even if the payroll is outsourced, the final accounting and disbursement falls to them, and they can just imagine the smiles on the faces of those who notice fatter figures hitting the direct deposits in their bank accounts.  Unfortunately, many companies don’t make it this far.  Those who failed to provide adequate security and found their accounts compromised, if not down-right stolen, will look back and wish they had used the services of an outsourced payroll service with better protection.

A quick search for top providers of security technology is sure to have Kaspersky Lab at the top because they have been leaders in the field for over two decades.  They have been key to safe-guarding the files, and finances of millions of subscribers, private companies, and large corporations world-wide.   They take pride in providing you rock solid protection using the latest technology that has been tried, and tested time and again. Using their vast array of knowledge in the field of cyber security is the right thing to do.  It is beyond foolish to think a hack, identity theft, or ransom ware could never happen to your company.  Insurance files are full of CEO’s who thought they were immune.  This is not the time of year to cut costs on something as important as security, but there is a way to do that, as well.  Just search Groupon and you’ll find codes that will save you money on the purchase of subscriptions, and some to start a free trial before you commit.  If you act now, you can save $20 off a Kaspersky Total Security Download package, and there are additional promo codes and exclusive deals to save even more.

So don’t fail to plan to provide your outsourced payroll company with the best security services Kaspersky Lab have to offer.  If you do, you plan to fail.

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